About us

Brand aromáma has been created with love and devotion by the owner, aromatherapist and a mom of two boys Giedre Velickiene.

Giedre got interested in aromatherapy at the age of 14.

After a few years, being 16 years old, she already realized that the aromatherapy is her life way.

Giedre was reading, studying, mixing, experimenting, and learning from the best specialists in Lithuania and abroad.

She believed in a power of aromatherapy and wanted to share it with others.

Giedre has finished aromatherapy’s massage courses and has opened her own massage studio the same year. She was mixing personal blends of oils for every client so to treat their personal problems. Giedre has always recommended for her clients to give a chance to a natural aromatherapy first.

The hobby naturally grew into the business when the first son Arvydas was born in 2011. Giedre created all the products for the needs of her son: teething, colic, sleep problem, runny nose, and cough.

When she shared information about products with parents in her environment, it was clear that she needs laboratory to cover the demand.

Everything that Giedre recommends for children of our customers has first helped her own sons. Eventually products for whole family were added to aromatherapy line. The line was created to deal with everyday problems in a completely natural way.

In 2015, Giedre has graduated Lithuanian Medical University to extend and strengthen her knowledge of human physiology.

For now and then – aromatherapy is an everyday choice for  Giedre and her family in daily  life.

In 2018, aromatherapy line was relaunched under aromáma brand.

After nine years of magical aroma voyage, we have grown: we have our own laboratory and the best team of moms and dads!

In 2019, at the event of “Socially responsible business awards” our company was nominated as a “Family friendly organization”.

Nowadays aromáma is the best-known aromatherapy’s line in Lithuania:

  • we are active in social nets;
  • we give cost free lectures, seminars and personal consultations for customers about the natural way to solve everyday problems;
  • we donate our products to the package of every newborn in Lithuania;
  • we participate and create our own social projects;
  • we support social initiatives;
  • and we do a lot more things to contribute the development of Lithuanian social, cultural and economic life.

Our target for year 2019 was to get to every home in Lithuania. Comparing our sales results to official population number, our products are in every third household now!

What is more, at the 2019 we’ve created our beauty line called “Be what You want to Be”. Products that are included in this line are very popular among Lithuanian women and it’s an honor to say that one of the products, strengthening mask for scalp and hair “Fabulous Rosemary”, was a winner of a gold medal in the contest of “The best national brand 2019”.

Moreover, our product line is expanding and from 2020, we have created a special line for men care.

Lets create this aromatic wonder together!

Let aromáma be YOUR success story!