Our company, is a family based business, that has a very strong goal which leads in every step that we create. It is CARING

-we care about nature, for that reason our products don’t have an extra packaging (boxes, plastic packaging etc), and the majority of them are in glass containers;

-we care about our customers, so we communicate with them a lot, and create products and services that would be helpful for them, and their families;

-we care about our social situation in our country, for that reason we donate our profit or products for different communities, and help to solve their problems;

-we care about our customers, so we create a workplace that is suitable for working moms and dads;

-we care about animals, so we donate our products to Lithuanian zoo park – what is interesting that animals have their play time activities and at that particular time zoo workers prepare different branches soaked in water with essential oils for animals to play and explore different scents. What is more, essential oils are being used not also for play time but even while animals are sick: they have aroma baths and rubs for different kind of issues to solve.

Our unique products itself leads us to a different important path that is: caring, sharing and loving a world around us.