Who we are

Company “Filmai ir kvapai” is Lithuanian producer of aromatherapy’s products for health, beauty, wellness and home comfort. Company is a family owned business since 2011.

The excellence of our company’s financial situation is proven by the “Strongest in Lithuania 2018”, the “Strongest in Lithuania 2019” certificate that confirms that the company is reliable and will fulfill their financial obligations in the future.

The certificate indicates good economic position and financial results of the company, as well as its proper payment discipline.

This is a proof of the contribution to the development of the Lithuanian economy and honest business culture.

Brand aromáma is the best-known aromatherapy’s line in Lithuania.

Our main products are:

  • Pure organic essential oils
  • Hydrolates
  • Aromatherapy oil blends
  • Infant aromatherapy line (protective balms, massage oils, vapour rub etc.)
  • Natural cosmetics with essential oils (face and body care, haircare, hands and nails etc.)
  • Sun/tanning cosmetics (UV cream, aloe vera gels, natural tanning stimulant)
  • Room mists